About /'kwench/

/'kwench/ & myPerks help companies enhance their employee value proposition by providing an end-to-end, innovative products & solutions that manages their employee engagement initiatives.  /'kwench/ is India's largest corporate library services platform & myPerks is the next generation employee engagement, social recognition, collaboration and rewards management platform.

/'kwench/ is currently serving 300+ Indian corporates and 200,000+ of their employees through its bouquet of services. Companies that use services from /'kwench/ have better employee satisfaction levels as compared to others.  The recently published results of ‘best companies to work’ survey shows that 18 of the top 50 and 32 of the top 100 companies listed as the best places to work are /'kwench/ clients. /'kwench/ is funded by Indian Angel Network (IAN) and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

Recognition & Rewards

Companies invest substantial resources in terms of capital, people, process and technology on several initiatives, under the umbrella of employee engagement, with an objective to achieve superior execution, employee commitment, and retention and align the people capital to their mission, vision and values.

Repeated studies have shown that recognition and rewards is one of the critical components to keeping employees engaged. /'kwench/ recognition platform provides a comprehensive and highly customizable platform designed to engage employees to make a difference – individually and as a team.

Social & Collaborative Recognition

We have designed the platform keeping in view the old adage that all recognition is inherently a social need. The platform is replete with social and collaborative recognition features ranging from simple peer-to-peer appreciation/wishes/gifting to complex nominations, voting etc.


End-to-end platform

Experience an unparalleled recognition platform that combines contemporary social networking features and conventional complex workflows in companies to create a unique, end-to-end platform for managing and administering recognition, rewards and redemption programs.

Global Solution

We have a perfect solution for large companies with global presence. Our cloud based platform and global sourcing partners provide an opportunity to companies to make their recognition programs truly global.


High Return on Investment

Companies can achieve high return on their recognition, rewards and incentive program investments by leveraging our unique pay-as-you-go model that unlocks the conventional high investment requirements in working capital, people, process and technology.

Customization & Branding

Companies can enhance their brand recall by leveraging the branding features in our platform. Our platform is highly configurable and can be customized to meet the complex workflow requirements in large companies.